6 How to solve the biggest problems in the world

If the world’s problems need to be solved, it cannot be done by an individual, a corporation or even a single nation. What is needed to solve these problems both great and small are not heroes but people who team up for the common good and for the sole purpose of addressing problems which are most pertinent.

First what is needed is the entire feat needs to be co-ordinated and the collaboration needs to be built up. The funding is to be held and disbursed by an honest group which acts as a broker. The broker is one that measures the progress as well as the goals and the broker in short, works as the glue which sticks the entire project together.



Key influencers are needed and need to be identified. They need to be on board with this entirely and their work needs to be mapped out. They also need to meet periodically and share whatever is the knowledge they have gained and measure the progress they have made. If changes or tweaks need to be done, this needs to be tackled as and when the need arises.

The problem needs to be broken up into smaller more manageable chunks and each of these chunks needs to be handled. That way the goal is specific, directed, measurable and everyone understands what is to be achieved. Thus the goal gets to be more realistic and achievable.


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In order to truly want to solve the biggest problems which are there in the world, there are a few dos and donts.

  1. The business model shouldn’t be considered sacrosanct. If a better plan or model comes along, it should be given a patient hearing and if the group sees benefit in it, this should be then applied.
  2. There should be a team which is diverse and dedicated. One that fosters healthy debate. Each member of the team should be committed in pursuing the common goals. Disagreements should be welcomed as this helps in challenging the ideas and keeping an open mind to better ways of going about the same task.
  3. There should be controlled growth else if this scales at too rapid a pace, it may get too diluted and lose it’s efficacy.
  4. The need needs to be addressed and that means that the root cause needs to be first tackled not the symptoms appearing as a result of the root cause.

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