Breeze Eastern MRO: The Exact Mechanisms of the Hoist System Discussed

The hoist system from breeze eastern MRO must never be confused with the hook system for cargos. The system for the cargo cannot raise or lower the hook independent of the change is altitude of the helicopter. The hoist system is basically used for carrying the people or some machines into another craft or to a safer ground. After the objective is completed, the helicopter moves onwards to complete its other objectives.

Different components

The hoist system for the helicopters contains different components. You will find the hoist assembly attached externally, the controls for the machine as well as the hydraulic or electric system, whichever is being used. You will see that the hoist assembly, contain cables made of steel which is 300 feet in length, a hook is found at one end. It is common to take 600lbs of weight. In order to facilitate the process of getting the load in and out of the aircraft easily, different assemblies are also placed sawing arms.

breeze eastern MRO


Safety is always a big concern for the hoist system, hence different kinds of safety devices such as brakes as well as detectors for overheating are provided. Cutters for removing cables in emergency situations are also often provided.

Controls for breeze eastern MRO hoist

The controlling of the hoist is done by the pilot. Hence these controls are found in the cabin of the pilot. A kind of pendant control is used which has direct connection to main system by use of a powering cord.

The control can also be given to a helper who has better view of proceedings. Override switches are also given to pilots in cases of emergency. There switches for going up or down which will be controlling the speed at which the cable moves. This is based upon the pressure applied by the operator of switches on breeze eastern MRO hoist.

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