Carrageenan: Is it really risky to consume as stated?

Whether it is food or medicine, you always take extra care to see what is going inside your body? Is it safe to eat? Does it have any major side effects? Are the ingredients government certified?

There are so many aspects that one goes through before making a product purchase. You start looking for authorization seal of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) in food and health drink cartons. And while looking through the ingredient section, you suddenly come across carrageenan.

In many reports, this constituent has been declared unsafe and unfit for consumption. But is it really true? Read on to know the truth regarding carrageenin.

Few factors related tocarrageenan

  1. “Anything that is consumed more than the required amount can be harmful to health.”

This is absolutely true. If you daily intake salt in your diet, your body will have balanced iodine content. But if you increase its quantity, that tooon a daily basis, it will increase your blood pressure. Will you stop having salt? The answer will definitely be no. In the same way, carrageeninis also safe and is fit to be eaten.



  1. Companies who manufacture processed food know the exact quantity that is required to thicken the product. And even few research groups have positive feedbacks on this ingredient.
  2. If you go through few studies, it has been stated that tests performed on animals showcased negative effect with ahigher rate of ulceration and gastrointestinal inflammation. But on the contrary, it has been seen that this ingredient has no harmful effect on the digestive system of humans.

Although carrageenan is termed as a controversial food ingredient, it does not mean that is a chief component for all health related issues included cancer or heart disease. It is advised thatyou should not fall for all the negative reports of this component.This ingredient is definitely safe and can be ingested by anyone.

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