China sourcing agent is the true knights of a company

 While importing and exporting products and commodities from one country to the other there are several procedures to be followed by the distributors and the channels of distribution. But to strike a deal regarding the quality and the price of the goods on the first hand is the main job to perform for a company which is importing or exporting products from its or to its country.

How does it work?

The work of a China sourcing agent arises thusly. A China sourcing agent is a kind of agent and not a mere distributor, he is recruited and is made to speak on behalf of a company to the importing or to the exporting company whichever the case might be. He talks about considerations of prices and makes sure that the products imported or exported by the company comes or leaves at a reasonable price. He also makes sure of the quality of the goods being imported/exported which if not done may jeopardize the company relations and hamper future business contracts.

China sourcing agent

Other services provided by the sourcing agent

The other kind of services provided and are expected to be provided by the China sourcing agent include the selection of a favorable supplier, quality assurance and control, control over logistics and shipping, market research, pre-inspection of the products before shipment and clearing custom duties etc.

He is expected to be multi lingual, mainly a person who can deal with various kinds of Asian languages as most of the products imported comes from Asian countries, and China is the largest. The fees of a sourcing agent do not come in the form of a salary but rather comes in form of commission mainly based on free on board cost. The commission received by the sourcing agent ranges between 1%-8% subject to the quality and quantity of the product imported or exported by him.

How does it form?

A China sourcing agent can be appointed by a specific company who shall work for them specifically or various sourcing agents can themselves form an organization that can help all the companies in the same way altogether.

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