Difference between end of lease cleaning and bond cleaning

The terms end of lease cleaning and Bond cleaning usually look similar as the services provided by the two of them are quite identical . Whenever you search for these two terms on any search engine either Google, Bing or DuckDuckgo you will get a long list of service providers. So the task finalizing the best one becomes complicated. This can be made easy if you opt for high power cleaning which provides best and guaranteed end of lease cleaning or bond back cleaning in Melbourne.

end of lease cleaning

Let us now discuss what are the differences between end of lease cleaning Melbourne and bond cleaning Melbourne. The end of lease cleaning is done before handing over the house to the landlord. It is the duty of the tenants to clean the house before the handover. Unless there are guidelines mentioned or specified in your lease then this work usually cleaning the debris and doing dusting or sweeping the floor. But then if you have an agreement as per which you need to hand over the house with proper cleaning and maintenance done then you need to hire professional end of lease cleaning service providers.


Bond cleaning is an enormous task which includes cleaning, sanitizing, carpet cleaning and other hectic task. This task usually take two days or less to complete with proper staffing and assured maintenance. After the cleaning up activity is done you will receive a receipt which can be provided to refund your bond money back. And at high power cleaning we make sure that you receive 100% bond money back or else we take additional care by doing everything so that you are satisfied and the bond money is fully received.

But since these two terms are used in almost in the same context but the term bond back cleaning makes it understandable to customers who are in search of such services. Anyway these two terms may have slight difference but the service provided by us will surely make a difference in easing out the burden to tiresome work. So please contact us to get a quote now.

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