Disadvantages of the MANVI Program for Immigrants

Introduction: Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (MANVI) is the program that was being launched by the US military for the immigrants who are not the citizens of the United States. For joining the army, the person should be the permanent resident of the United States but not when it is the MANVI scheme. Under this program, there are certain documents, conditions and the interview procedure that the aspirant must follow to be the part of the army. Now the MANVI will be the reason of the permanent citizenship of an immigrant.

Disadvantages of the MANVI Program:Although there are some benefits provided by manvi, there is room for some disadvantages as well. One can look at the points stated below to understand the various cons of this program:

You haven’t come to America to serve the army, have you? But if you are joining the program as a full-time soldier then you will not be able to serve for any other job. You are obliged to work only for the army.

If you are joining as the soldier  reserve, then you have some other cons like:

You will need to get another job since it is a part time job.

Your duty station is the only place where you are posted but nowhere else in the county.

Your pay is lesser than that of an active full-time soldier; your educational benefits are small as well and so is your deployment.

Conclusion: Despite the disadvantages, there are around 5000 applications were filled in the year 2016. For the year 2017, the program is not under execution, but there are chances that it may start soon. One should start preparing for the MANVI Program if they want a green card of the United States of The America and want to serve the US Army.




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