Emergency Vet Chesapeake VA –Spinal Injuries for dogs

God cannot be with us physically but he lives virtually with us in the form of pets. Dogs are man’s best friend and they become our family too. A quote says “A dog is the only thing on the earth that loves you than you move yourself”. So your pet’s wellness is a primary concern for an owner especially when it is sick or injured. Some of the common injuries of your dog are ligament injury and spinal injury.

What is a spinal injuries in canine member?

Cushioning disc between the vertebrae or spinal column gets dropped in the spinal cord space. These discexert force against the spinal cord causing agony, hurting the nerves and in some cases paralysis as well. These are caused during trauma like accidents, dynamicactivities like jumping and banging incorrectly makes one or more discs to move from the alignment and start exerting forceon the spinal column.

Based on the setting of the pain the chiropractic for dogs start with their treatment. The symptoms of these injuries include your pets reluctant to jump, weakness in the spines and weeping in agony with agitatedreaction, muscle contractions at the back or near the neck, stiffness in the spines with loss of hunger and restricted activity level. In these situations you will rush to Emergency Vet Chesapeake VA. Chiropractic for dogsdoes treatment with some manipulations of spines without the use of medicines.

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Examination and Treatment of the injury

Chiropractic for dogs will completely analyze the history of the injury and they willdo the complete examination of the spinal cord and identify where the spinal cord has suffered injury. Then they will start with their therapy and apply the relevant techniques to the animal. Soon you can see you best friend relieved from agony.

Generally a safe therapy helps your companion recover from pain and be more energetic and cheerful.


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