Some facts and figures of the fake pee for drug test

Marijuana can reside in your body for 90 days. “Really? But I have a drug test to pass”; “Will synthetic urine pass a lab test?” These questions are ought to arise when you know you might get busted due to your urine sample. Well, synthetic urine is there for you. This new synthetic urine assures a person that he will pass the drug test at any cost.

The best synthetic urine, brands and their reputation:

A reputed brand with tested results is a core element for a fake pee for drug test to pass with flying colors. The following brands might be actually helpful:

  • The sub solution clear choice kit is a market leader for synthetic urine. This powdered product contains all the essential elements and heats within a few seconds as well. It costs not more than $80; well you can spend this much for a job prospect, can’t you?
  • Quick Fix synthetic urine reviews are enough to cement this product as one of the most popular and reputed brands. The range variations of temperature must be kept in mind for perfect results.

fake pee for drug test

Some fun facts:

  • Synthetic urine was created due to the experiments done by Friedrich Wohler. The discovery was unplanned and surprising.
  • A high quality synthetic urine product can last up to 2 years in a shelf.
  • “Drinking loads and loads of water shall help you to pass a urine test”; this statement is a total misconception, and even if any impact is seen, it is negligible.
  • According to the US Government, more than 60 percent of workplace accidents are either alcohol or drugs related.

So guys, the synthetic urine reviews must be seen and valued, because after taking such hassles, overcoming nervousness and acting like a magician cum crime lord, you would not like to get busted, would you? Take care and fix things quick. Sayonara!

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