Fame of STMstyle in Korean Medical Technology for Plastic Surgery

Plastic and cosmetic surgery are focused issues in contemporary time. These are latest techniques in medical science, especially in the field of micro-surgery. Plastic surgery is a specialty in science of surgery which relates to human body modification. The body parts can be reconstructed, restored, or altered by application of this technique.

Plastic surgery: Reconstructive and cosmetic

This technique was commonly used for treatment of burns, but its scope was later extended to other treatments. This technique was later categorized as reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery, also called aesthetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is, therefore, an elaborative component of plastic surgery. Reconstructive surgery includes surgery for burns, microsurgery, hand surgery and craniofacial surgery which is aimed to improve body functioning by reconstruction of a body part.


Cosmetic surgery is aimed to improve aesthetic of a body part. Though both techniques of plastic surgery are used in many countries across the globe, yet cosmetic surgery has wider applicability. The term plastic used in this technique doesnt refers to a synthetic plastic material but is referred for reshaping and/or sculpting.

STMstyle based on Korean technology

This is a breakthrough in medical technology because there was no way, prior to development of this technique, to restore of reconstruct mutilated or deformed body parts. The use of plastic surgery, especially cosmetic surgery, has become a fashion trend among celebrities and models. They move to countries for plastic/cosmetic surgery. Korean technology has earned its name across the globe. STMstyle of Thailand is a reputed service to use this technology through team of expert medical professionals in this plastic surgery technique.

Why STMstyle

This company has license and approval from Ministry of Health, South Korea for this medical specialty. The customers are offered varied choice under this technique and the company offers complete consultation before treatment. The designated team of STMstyle offers VIP treatment to its customers and take care of all their needs from beginning till end.

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