Footwear for Heel Pain: Are They Really Effective?

Pain in the heels could arise due to various reasons. To counter these kind of pain there are shoes made to order. Sometimes they do provide the required assistance if there is a problem with the feet. However if the problem is momentary and not permanent then there is no point of these shoes as it makes no difference.


Dehydration in the body could lead to nerve tensions and inflammation in certain areas. When this kind of problem occurs there is no point of getting helpful shoes. It won’t help much. This problem is likely to be taken care of through drinking more fluids, compression, elevation and rest.

Muscle Pull:

If you have muscle pull then, footwear for heel pain won’t be very helpful. In this scenario you will have pain in walking no matter what you do. However you need rest to make sure your muscles get the required time to heal back to normal condition. Often icing the area helps.

footwear for heel pain

Plantar Fasciitis:

PF is a more serious problem and this tends to become permanent over time. With a permanent problem, you need a permanent solution. If your heel pain is arising from PF then you need footwear for heel pain.

In this scenario the shoes will make sure you do not feel the pain. The pain could be due to overweight issues or long hours of standing. However heavy running can also induce heel pain. For this you need shoes that have extra cushioning to provide more softness to your heal and increase a spring like effect.

So, to sum up the discussion, footwear for heal pain is helpful only when you apply it for the right reasons. Without the correct reason, the shoes still make you a sitting duck induced to a lot of pain and discomfort.

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