Golf Car: Vehicle Models from Perception to Modern Era

Cart is commonly used term for some vehicle which is either pushed or pulled manually or by some other mean, but not an electric or battery power. This term was also used for battery-powered vehicles that were initially used in golf courses to carry golfers around the golf club. This was the first reported use of motorized carts, and this vehicle was called a golf cart, but American standard gave it the name รถ กอล์ฟ because it was not manually-driven.

Idea of golf car for golf course

รถ กอล์ฟ

Its first use was made by an American, JK Wadley of Texarkana, Texas/Arkansas, who got inspiration of this vehicle when he was in Los Angeles. He saw a small electric-powered 3-wheeled vehicle used to transport senior citizens to some grocery store, and an idea of using this type of vehicle in golf course struck his noggin. He purchased some cart for golf course, but this didn’t work well. Later, in 1932, a custom electric golf cart was made which has a worth to travel in the golf club, but for long, use of a golf car was made to carry disabled people. It was in mid-1950s, when these vehicles got widespread acceptance as a golf course vehicle for regular golfers. At this time, manufacturers such as Sears Roebuck and Victor Adding Machine Co. came up with various models, mostly electric, of golf cars.

New era of golf car manufacturing and selling

The beginning of new era of selling golf carts begun in 1963 with production of these vehicles by the leading American auto-bike company Harley-Davidson Motor Company. This company manufactured and sold thousands of these vehicles, both three- and four-wheeled, in next few years. The iconic models of golf carts produced by this company had varied steering control, tiller-based and steering wheel, and boasting of reversible engine. Modern golf car models have many modifications such as upgraded speed or motor controller, lift kits, cooler trays, ball cleaners, windshield installation, and more which has offered more popularity to this vehicle.

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