The guide to speed team for summoners war NB10

If you’re playing NB10 on a regular basis, you should have an idea of how to guide through the complete situation. NB10 has gained immense popularity over the time. Building a strong team will ensure that you get to play with 100% success rate and also have an average runtime. This will not only increase your chances of rune farming but also help you to move further in the Summoners war. Thus, if you’re competing you will need to have a strong summoners war nb10 speed team.

summoners war nb10 speed team

Why is farming become a necessity?

Most of the people after completing the different levels such as Scenarios, GB10, DB10 and more prefer switching to farming Necropolis, basement 10. Most of the people usually say that it has to be the seventh level because it is not only interesting but extremely benefitting as well.


The NB10 levels offer for a great set of runes thereby ensuring enhanced PvP content. It gets to offer the Will runes as well as the Nemesis runes. Nonetheless, compared to the other games, the NB10 game is a little hard one. Thus, you should begin by building the NB10 starter game and then proceed to the speed team.


What are the minimum stats and requirements for building the summoners war NB10 team?

As far as summoners war is concerned, you will need to have a reliable team if you wish for a strong success. Based on your Shields, you should determine the HP level. However, on the standard basis, it is often regarded to be 18k. Moreover the minimum requirement for Def has to be 700. Nonetheless, if it is more, you will have to collect more HP. Your speed is limited to the 130 depending on the speed towers. Also, the accuracy has to be 45%. As a result, you should focus on making your monsters strong and effective for creating damage.

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