How to Choose the Best Electric Oil-less Turkey Fryer


A new addition to healthy and fast cooking is a fryer. From amateurs to professional cooks, everyone is using the excellent device to cook lovely meals. This wonderful tool helps you cook a perfect turkey in no time and without using any oil.

Why is it getting famous everywhere?

If you get to choose between a turkey cooked in gallons of oil and one without a drop of oil, which one would you chose? The latter one of course! With a turkey fryer, you can not only cook a healthy meal for your family but also entertain guests with your wonderful recipes. By getting one for your kitchen, you can get over the process of starting a fire and waiting hours to deliver a meal.

electric oil less turkey fryer

Choosing the correctturkey fryer

There are different varieties available in the market. You can choose indoor oil less turkey fryer as per your needs. Depending on your budget and the size of the turkey, you can make your decision.

  • Capacity: You should buy a fryer after considering the size of the bird or the number of people you cook for. In such cases,it is wise to choose one that has the capacity to fit the largest bird.
  • Oil or air fryer: Do you want to cook with oil or without? Though the oil fryer absorbs less amount of oil, you can make your decision wisely.
  • Temperature adjustment: While purchasing a fryer, make sure it has a thermometer or adjustable temperature control. This will avoid the hazards of spilling and burning.
  • Indoor or outdoor: You get options to decide among indoor or outdoor fryer. You should consider the kitchen or area when you plan to use the turkey fryer.
  • Electric or propane: While electric oil less turkey fryer can be used inside the house, propane fryers need to be used outside away from any flammable substances. However, it is considered safe to use any of these outdoors.

A fryer saves a lot of time when you need to cook for a large number of guests. You can save your gas and money and resort to healthy eating. All these without burning a hole in your pocket!

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