How to make money in forex trading

We all need money for some or the other reasons; the reason will vary from individual to individual. Invest your money so that you can get benefit in future. If you want early retirement, then start investing now in forex trading. For more details of making money tips visit

forex trading

Forex trading is foreign exchange, also known as FX, in simple terms also termed as currency trading. Here we deal with pair of currencies such as GBP/USD, Rupee/USD etc. For example if you are trading rupee-dollar trading, then rupee is base currency and Dollar is quote currency. The Profit or loss is expressed in quote currency.  For instance if you buy money and selling it at higher amount then the profit  is incurred in terms of pips. Pips are the smallest measure of a foreign exchange.

In general you are making money just by investing many in different currency. All you have to do is buy the pair if you think the base currency will gain its value relative to quote currency or sell the pair if base currency will lose its value relative to quote currency.

The major steps to be followed are:

  • Determine whether you want long/short term trade; if you are planning for long term then go for buy because you want your base currency price to increase. If you are planning for short then go for sell.
  • The Bid, Ask and spread: Bid is best price at which broker will buy the base currency in exchange of quote currency and ask is best price at which broker sell the base currency in exchange of quote currency. The difference between bid and ask is spread. To know details visit com.

Develop a strategy, test it and make necessary changes, control your risk, wait for right time with patience and invest. This will increase your chance of making money.

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