How to pack a picnic basket for two

A picnic is fun, a way to forget routine life, an opportunity to explore new. When you are planning to go on an adventure trip with your loved one you need to pack an incredible picnic right. First of all you need is a picnic basket for two made of anything wicker, woven fiber, durable polyester etc.


Choose a carrier: Various type of carrying option is available based on your need. Shoulder strap baskets are like purse which rest on your shoulder and is suitable for longer distance; Sling strap is designed to be worn across chest and is comfortable. Back strap bags with insulators are perfect for long excursions.

Plan the menu: Make some salads with lettuce or grains, to start with pour some dressing at bottom, put salad on top then add the vegetables and nuts on top  so that the dressing  will not affect their  texture. Other options are Pita sandwiches stuffed with grilled chicken, kebabs on silver foil so that it won’t get spoiled, Egg wraps, chicken wraps and many more can be packed in a picnic basket for two.

Upgrade the Utensils: Choose utensils which are environment friendly. Instead of packing in plastic ware, take along silverware, Buy inexpensive utensils so that incase they get lost we are not much concerned.

Keep it cool: A picnic basket with insulator not only keeps the food in good condition but also maintain the right temperature. Frozen water bottles can be added in the picnic basket because it not only keeps the food cool but also provide refreshment after walking or playing sports.

Load the carrier: Pack your stuffs in a picnic basket in such a way that the food is handy also it won’t be spoilt.  Make sense to place food in container based on the need, example put dessert in bottom, followed by main course, reserve chips, fruits on top as you would be use it frequently.



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