Is Fake Urine A Good Idea?

Fake urine basically helps the people who need to pass the drug test. There are some of the factors that you need to know about best fake urine which are as follows:

  • Usually no one is there when you pee therefore you pee will not be supervised by anybody.
  • If you are found to be doubted then a supervision will be above you where they check you during your pee. Are you hiding something in your underwear? Is it a fake penis? These type of questions mainly arises .
  • There are many of the fake products which might not work properly. Many of the unreliable products are to made up for fake pee. Make sure you must use best fake urine kit always if you dont want to be in doubt.
  • There is another method which is used to hide that you have taken drugs is detoxing but this type of method is not beneficial. You will not be able to pass the test with it.


best fake urine


Where to hide fake urine during any supervision?

This is a question which arises in the mind of many of the people but it is quite tough to answer it. The best fake urine is quite hard to hide. It totally depends on the testing facility which you are acquiring during supervision. There are some of the tricks which you can use to hide fake pee such as you can tap you inner thigh to hide, you might wear double underwear to hide between them and if you are a female you can hide in your bra, above your vagina. These are some of ways by which you can easily hide the fake urine even in the supervision.

Such tests simply checks the pH level of urine, its gravity as well as temperature. If you pass these factors and maintain its level then you will surely pass the drug test.

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