Quest for Best Bucks Party Ideas

Do you want to do something more enthralling and adventurous on a buck party, the night before the wedding, the groom can enjoy to the fullest, his last taste of freedom, epic holidays  arrange the perfect bucks night.

Few favorite picks of Buck Party Ideas

  • Events like musical or sport activity
  • Travelling destinations
  • Water rafting/ cruising
  • Long drives

Exciting activities with Epic holidays

Bucks party, last night of a free man include food, drinks and activities. Some of the activities of the buck’s party that epic holidays to offer are

  • Paintball
  • Para sailing
  • Pub crawl
  • Fishing
  • Bungee jumping
  • Skiing

Bucks Party

Paintball: This is one of the most loved buck option. Sometimes it may be insanely dangerous activity because the groom might get hurt when he is shot but it is truly an adrenaline pumping activity.

Para sailing:It gives you a picturesque beauty of the beaches and phenomenal aerial view of the island with the brightly colored parachutes.

Pub Crawl: A must do list in bucks party is pub crawls and nightspots/clubs with your best mates. It is a best kick-off wild and crazy.

Bungee Jumping: It is another adrenaline fix, a feeling of controlled terror is one of most favorite activity in a buck’s party

Fishing: Get the ultimate fishing experience in one of the finest beaches of Sydney or Melbourne enjoying fishes with hot beers perfect for any man.

Planning a buck’s party is stressful and quite hectic and honestly, guys don’t afford to spend time on that so the more coolest and smartest choice is hiring event planners that will leave our mates with memorable experience.

Epic holidays their amazing package ideas arrange altogether from paintball to all necessary buck’s needs, event organization etc. that are totally unique and truly entertaining. It takes the buck’s party to the next level.


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