Signs That You’re Depressed? But It Doesn’t Mean Alcohol Is The Solution!

As a human being, it is absolutely normal to feel sad, have mood swings and be depressed. You might wonder what is happening around you and how to make things light and enjoyable once again? Many switches to alcohol for a momentary solution, but it makes the situation far worse than before.  First look for symptoms of being depressed and then decide how to curb your alcohol addiction.

Look for these psychological symptoms

If you think that your depression has something to do with your psychological health, first go through these following symptoms:

  • Poor thinking

Suddenly you are facing serious issues like poor concentration, slow thinking or unable to make productive plans anymore.

  • Miserable feeling

You have this feeling of misery for quite some time, and its intensity varies accordingly, throughout the entire day. It hampers you productive level and makes you anxious.

Stop alcohol -2

  • Unpleasant thoughts

You are usually a happy-go-lucky person, but finding it very difficult to put down some unpleasant emotions within. These thoughts make you feel like, being an unworthy or guilty person. To get positive thoughts on leaving behind alcohol, go to stop alcohol

  • Loss of interest

You no longer find anything significant enough, to hold your interest level for too long. You don’t find anything pleasant anymore, and it prevents you from participating in any kind of activity.

  • Tendency to self-harm

You feel like to be dead or cause harm to yourself, instead of going through this depression phase.

Look for these physical symptoms

Apart from these psychological symptoms, also look for these following physical symptoms to know that you are depressed:

  • Frequent loss of energy level
  • Lack of sleep or feeling insomniac
  • Loss of appetite but craving for alcohol
  • Excessive weight loss or weight gain
  • Loss of sexual interest
  • Slow pace of speech or activity

If you are going through these psychological as well as physical symptoms of depression, there are ways to handle it. Instead of relying on alcohol to forget about your misery and pain, start making positive changes around you. Start mingling with others and know their views on Stop alcohol, so that your depression doesn’t lead you to alcohol.

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