The basics of protein powders

All health conscious people are surely familiar with the concept of protein powders. There are several kinds of best protein powder; and each is made from different kinds of sources. Depending on one’s requirements one needs to select which kind of protein powder to consume. Now what exactly are protein powders? These are basically concentrated forms of protein; it could be from plant or animal foods for example – eggs, dairy, peas or rice.

The three most popular forms of best Protein powder are

Protein concentrates – Enzymes or heat and acid is used on whole foods and thus protein is extracted to produce Protein concentrates. These concentrates usually have about 60 to 80% protein and the remaining 20 to 30% calories comes from carbohydrates or fat.

best protein powder

Protein isolates – The above similar step is followed; only a further filtering process is done which would remove the additional carbohydrates or fat. This makes the protein more concentrated. These protein isolate powders would have about 90 to 95% protein content.

Protein hydrolysates – These hydrolysates are made by more heating with enzymes or acids. This breaks up the amino acids bonds easily. This is especially helpful to the body as it can be absorbed easily and the muscles can take them easily too. Hydrolysatesare also known to increase the insulin levels more as compared to other protein forms. This can thus enhance the response of muscle growth to exercise.

Some of the best protein powders are also equipped with minerals and vitamins, more specifically calcium. It has also been seen that if you are consuming a diet which is already nutritious and rich with good protein, you may not see much of a difference by consuming protein powders. Thus not everyone can really benefit from taking such supplements. This being said, people who lift weights or athletes definitely find a good maximization of muscle gain as well as fat loss by taking these protein powder supplements. Protein powders are also good for the sick or the elderly; also the vegans or vegetarians.

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