Types of common kitchen hobs

Cooktops have become one of the most necessary appliances in the kitchen. Getting one will make your cooking effective. There are different types available in the market from gas hobs to induction hobs and also in different sizes. When buying one, you will have to first decide how many burners will be needed. Buying a double induction hob can be an excellent choice as it won’t take as much kitchen space . But the most important thing to remember is the cookwares. Not all cookware can be for any type of cooktops. Anyways the types of hobs are:

  1. Gas hobs: it is one of the most common hobs at home. It is used as the primary cooking medium in many homes. Most of the people prefer it for being able to control fire while cooking. The heat in these hobs can be quite strong and quick. You can use any kind of cookwares for these hobs and they can be quite cheaper on a long run. These hobs have auto-ignition which further produce spark leading to fire. These are of two types- one is with glass and another with iron which is much more stable and durable.

double induction hob

  1. Induction hobs: These are the better way of cooking. It generates heat due to magnetic field formed when a suitable cookware is placed on it. When buying a double induction hob, you can find induction zone marked on the surface. It indicates the area of exposure to get heat transferred to the surface. There are sensors present which beeps when the cookware is not present at the right place. There are heat and temperature buttons control. You can use it similarly to any gas hob but not all cookware can be used. It comes in different number of burners with double induction hob being most demanded.

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